St Francis Xavier Church, Panjim, Goa.


St Francis Xavier Church, Panjim, Goa.

Old St Francis Xavier Church.


Coconut Trees Plantation Project



Investment Required: Rs. 4.00 Cr

Summary of the Project:

1200 Coconut Trees are planted on this land and adjacent land is available to the extent of 10 acres. Now, funds are required for plantation of coconut trees in the remaining 10acres of land.


a) Term and Conditions

Ans: Onetime payment of the money against the Joint Venture. The amount is considered to be Rs, 4.00 Crores. Against this payment the selling rights of the coconut to the tune of 75% of the produce will be with the investing partner. Presently there is approx 1200 coconut trees in 10 acres of land producing around 300 cocunut per tree per annum. Additional 1000 coconut trees are proposed to be planted in the remaining 10 acres.

b) Investment Pattern

Ans: One time investment of Rs. 4.00 cores to the land owner. as a guarantee the 10acres will be mortgaged to the investing partner.

c) Agreement period

Ans: Agreement period will be for a minimum period of 10 years. Though we can also consider higher period also.

d) Profit sharing ratio

Ans: 75% to the investor and 25% to the land owner. This is because the agriculturist is receiving the payment in advance.

e) Break Even ratio.

Ans: break-even period will be approx 5 years.

f) Local Consumer market details

Ans: presently they are selling in the local market which is collected by the buyer from their farms.

g) Selling agreement with any Retailer

Ans: Presently there are no agreements entered into with any retailers. No pending selling contracts/agreements.

h) Prior commitments and deals with any third party?

Ans: None as on date.

i) Property dispute if any?

Ans: No disputes are there in the land, however there is a small agricultural loan on the property, which can be cleared any time.


Resort Project in Karnataka

Dear Sir,

50 Acres of agricultural land is available on outright basis. This land is suitable for building a resort.


Outright sale of land of 50 acres @ Rs 25.00 Lacs per acre as agriculture land.

The current owners will convert the land for into a “Non-Agricultural” land for Rs 2.50 Cr that is Rs 5 lakhs per acre in approximately 60 days.

Address:  North Kannada District, Karnataka.

Project cost:

– Land Cost: Rs 12.50 Cr

– Conversion Cost: Rs 02.50 Cr

– Construction Cost: Rs 40.00 Cr

– Licenses & Misc.: Cost 10.00 Cr

Total Cost: 55.00 Cr

Additional details are as follows:

Nearest Airport:

– Goa – 180Kms

– Mangalore – 186Kms

Nearest Town:

– Kumta – 10Kms

– Honnavar – 5Kms

Near By Locations:

– Murudeshwar- 15Kms

– Gokarna – 25Kms

– Udipi – 125Kms


International Technical Chat Process in India

Hi All,

We are Troika Management Services, A management consulting firm based in Mumbai, India. We help our clients to get business from International and Domestic Companies. Troika also does consulting for infrastructure, construction and outsourcing organisations.

An International Tech. Support Company would like to outsource their “Technical Support” process to India.

Details of this Support process is:-

– US Customer, residential customer desktop software support

– Product is a Home PC Based Software, also sold to select Businesses

– Employees need to have a Diploma in IT and also have relevant experience is resolving issues through remote login.

– Training will be provided to the centre.

– There is no Sales Target only Resolution Target.

– Bonus of USD 11.50 for every customer who is upgraded from Basic to Platinum Support Plan (average of 90/100 customers are on Basic Plan) during issue resolution.

– Client has database of 5,000,000 (Five Million) customers who are subscribed to their services.

– Start up and Go Live!!! within 10 working days.

For futher details. Kindly send an email:-